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We all have hopes & dreams for our children's future. When we look ahead we also envisage the natural progression of developmental milestones . . .
Unfortunately those milestones did not come for my daughter, Ineka, who was diagnosed with autism, at the age of two. At that time Ineka showed little ability to communicate verbally, had severe behaviourial problems & was developmentally delayed.
In facing my daughter's situation, I learned that children with autism often understand visual concepts before the spoken word. To stimulate Ineka's communication skills we used pictures in conjunction with an early intervention learning program.
Ineka's communication skills grew rapidly. I then felt compelled to maximise her progress with better visual aids.
One challenge I faced was the lack of suitable & consistent visual resources. Utilising my graphic design skills, I started creating my own visual cards to provide Ineka with the necessary visual stimulus. In this process 'Inekards' was born.
Inekards is designed to help parents & therapists by providing durable & comprehensive visual resources. My hope is to help focus and consolidate our children's learning experiences, freeing valuable time & energy for life with our families.
Therese Potma - Director of Inekards

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