What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new the way that people with disabilities are supported in Australia. The NDIS provides individualised support for people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. For more information about accessing the NDIS and the ways that the NDIS might support you or your loved one, go to www.ndis.gov.au


Can I use my NDIS funding to purchase Inekards?
Yes, NDIS funding can be used to purchase Inekards.  It may depend on what has been funded in your current plan, and how that funding is managed, so read on.


How do I know if I have funding for Inekards in my current NDIS plan?
NDIS plans often include funding for ‘low risklow cost assistive technology’ items under the ‘consumables’ section of the Core support budget.

  • The amount will appear on the plan as multiples of $520.01 in your Core budget

Your NDIS funding could be managed in 4 different ways: 

Self-managed: self-managed NDIS participants have complete choice and control over how to spend their funding.

Many NDIS plans are created with the consumables budget as ‘self-managed’. 


  • If you are fully self-managed or your plan has a self-managed consumables budget – then you can purchase Inekards using your NDIS funding.

  • Contact Inekards to request an invoice for the products you require.  Then submit a ‘payment request’ via the NDIS Participant Portal.  After making a successful Payment Request, the funds will be remitted to your nominated account. Simply pay the Inekards invoice and we will send you your Inekards. 

  • For a step by step visual of how to make a self-managed NDIS Payment Request  CLICK HERE




Plan-managed: plan-managed NDIS participants have increased choice and control and can use both registered and non-registered providers.  If your Core funds are plan managed, then request Inekards to send you an invoice for the visuals you require, send this to your Plan Managed (also known as a Financial Intermediary).  They will lodge the payment request, pay the Inekards Invoice and then we can send your flashcards.


Agency-managed: agency managed NDIS participants are restricted to only using registered providers of NDIS supports.  At this stage, Inekards has not undergone registration as an NDIS provider, but its something we might consider in the future.   If all of your NDIS funding is agency-managed, then you might need to plan ahead to have Inekards funded in your next NDIS plan.


I have checked and I don’t have funding for Inekards in my current plan – or my funding is all agency-managed - what can I do?

NDIS plans typically run for 12 months, so your next NDIS plan review might not be far away.

You can ask your NDIA planner or Local Area Coordinator to consider funding Inekards visual supports at your next planning meeting. The friendly team at Inekards can provide a quote for the visuals you are interested in, or you can simply print the pages and take them to your next planning meeting.

Be sure to request that the low risk low cost assistive technology budget in your next NDIS plan is either self-managed or plan-managed and then follow the steps above.





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